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Grade 5 IFT HIFZ Math


Elementary Hifz IFT Math Class ( For HIFZ Students Only)

Jan 7, 2024 to Mar 3, 2024

CAD $155

09:20 AM - 10:05 AM EST

Teacher: Nadia Akhtar

This course is designed for students at IFT full time hifz program. Our Grade 5 book will cover the following topics. 

We will not be able to complete all these topics by the beginning of March but this is an idea of what topics are covered in the first half of our grade 5 math curriculum. 

The fifth grade is time for fractions and decimals, in particular. We study fractions and decimals and the operations with them in depth and with substantial detail. Students also deepen their understanding of whole numbers, learn much more problem solving, learn geometry and graphing, and get introduced to the calculator. 

The year starts out with a study of whole numbers and their operations. Students review multi-digit multiplication and learn long division with two-digit divisors. We also review divisibility and factors from fourth grade, and study prime factorization. 

In the second chapter, the focus is on large numbers and using a calculator. This is the first time a calculator is introduced in Math Mammoth curriculum — thus far, all calculations have been done mentally, or with paper and pencil. I want students to learn to be critical in their use of the calculator and use it with good judgment. Every exercise where calculator use is to be allowed is marked with a little calculator symbol.

 The third chapter is about equations and problem solving. We study simple equations with the help of a pan balance. Students also do a fair amount of problem solving using the visual bar model.

 The fourth chapter is about decimals and some of the operations with decimals (the rest will be studied in chapter 6). Fifth grade is the time when students learn all the basic operations with decimals. In this chapter, we focus on place value with decimals, addition and subtraction of decimals, and multiplication and division of decimals by whole numbers. Multiplying decimals by decimals and dividing decimals by decimals is covered in chapter 6. 

In chapter 5, students graph points and patterns in the coordinate grid, and learn about line graphs and average (mean). These topics tie in both with graphing in the context of algebra, and with statistical graphs.

The price above includes 9 weeks of instructional time plus the workbook that will be used for the remainder of the year. 

Maryum Siddiqui

Every Prep4Nine class we have taken has been superb and this semester was no exception! Both my kids were in Math and Urdu classes this semester and we are so happy with the level of instruction, interactivity, and overall professionalism that both Nadia A and Nadia K bring to the classes. The level of care that these instructors put into their courses is evident from the first day and their enthusiasm for their students and the subject matter is clear. These courses are an asset to not just the homeschooling community, but school-going students as well! My son is in high school and is benefitting immensely from the grade 10 Math course to reinforce concepts and skills.  I'm thankful that there are after school classes like evening Urdu  - my daughter has gone from a very basic Urdu vocabulary and understanding to using such advanced phrases and vocabulary! It's truly a blessing. Thank you Nadia & Nadia!

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