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Registration opens Mar 1st

Middle School Grade 9 Prep

Apr 16, 2024 to Jun 11, 2024

CAD $110

Tuesdays (Afterschool)
05:00 PM - 06:00 PM EST

Teacher: Nadia A. & Nadia K.

This course is designed for our middle school students who wish to be better prepared for English Grade 9.

The English course on George Orwell's "Animal Farm" is a comprehensive study of the classic allegorical novel written by George Orwell. The course is designed to explore the novel's underlying themes, historical context, literary techniques, and its relevance to society.

  • Introduction to Animal Farm

  • Plot Summary and Analysis

  • Themes and Motifs

  • Historical Context

  • Literary Techniques

  • Critical Analysis and Interpretations

  • Relevance to Modern Society

  • Writing and Discussion

Overall, the English course on "Animal Farm" aims to provide students with a profound understanding of the novel's literary brilliance, its historical significance, and the lessons it imparts about power, corruption, and human nature. Through this course, students will gain a broader appreciation for George Orwell's enduring masterpiece and its impact on literature and society.

Refund Policy

If you choose to withdraw from the course, please see below:

March 10th:  90% refund

April 1st:  50% refund

After the first class:  50% credit or 25% refund

Muhammad Ali

In short stories, we learned how to identify different parts of a story and the themes in the story. I enjoyed reading the short stories and found them quite interesting. In novel studies, I enjoyed reading the books and afterward having debates about topics in the book. 

It was really fun when we did impromptu debates because we learned how to prepare a small speech on any topic in just a few minutes.


English Literature

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