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French & Story of the World Part 2


Elementary School Grade 2-8

Jan 10, 2024 to Mar 6, 2024

CAD $110

09:00 AM - 10:00 AM EST

Teacher: Nadia Akhtar & Nadia Khan

Beginner French:

This online course is the second part to our french course series. It is designed for our elementary students who are looking to continue their french journey. 

Students will continue to learn new french vocabulary, learn to say short sentences in french, work on fun french activities to strengthen skills and learn how to read in french.

In this session we will learn:

  • Review of Part 1

  • Body parts

  • Clothing

  • Verb Avoir

  • Verb ÊTRE

  • Classroom Objects

  • Sentences using 'There are.." and " It is.."

Stories of the World:

The Story of the World is the engaging, award-winning series that has been making students fall in love with history. Suitable for early and middle grades, this four-volume set covers the sweep of human history through time and place, giving students the background needed to gain meaning from the past. The Story of the World homeschool history curriculum by Susan Wise Bauer is an integrated approach to the history of the whole world.

This online course will cover the chapters 12 - 20 from Volume 1: Ancient Times

  • The Middle Kingdom of Egypt

  • The New Kingdom of Egypt

  • The Israelites Leave Egypt

  • The Phoenicians

  • The Return of Assyria

  • Babylon Takes Over Again

  • Life in Early Crete

  • The Early Greeks

  • Greece Gets Civilized Again

Course Timings

SOTW part 2: 9:00-9:30

French part 2: 9:30-10:00

Refund Policy

If you choose to withdraw from the course, please see below:

December 15th:  90% refund

January 1st:  50% refund

After the first class:  50% credit or 25% refund

Fatima Atcha

Prep4Nine's French classes have been a big help as a Homeschooler going into grade 9 Public School. I was really worried that I would be behind because I had only started French in grade 6, but thanks to Madame Nadia and her amazing classes, my French grade is in the 90's and I understand everything in class!

I also appreciate how the French classes are so engaging and Madame Nadia always makes sure that you understand the concepts. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn French, merci beaucoup Prep4Nine!

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