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Middle School Social Studies Gr 6-8

Apr 15, 2024 to Jun 10, 2024

CAD $110

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST

Teacher: Nadia Khan

 In this course, students will participate in interactive and engaging classes that dive into Canadian History from 1890-1914. We will understand why we study history, what makes it important and how it impacts us today.


In this course we will be covering these topics: 

Unit 1

  • Life in British North America: 1850-1865

  • The Path to Confederation: 1860-1867

  • The Expansion of Canada: 1869-1884

  • Fighting to be Heard: 1885-1890

Unit 2

  • Canada's Industrial Age: 1890-1905

  • Canada's Developing Identity (1896-1911)

  • The New Canadians (1896-1914)

  • Creating Change (1890-1914)

Refund Policy

If you choose to withdraw from the course, please see below:

March 30th:  90% refund

April 5th:  50% refund

After the first class:  50% credit or 25% refund

*Please note Monday May 20th is a public holiday


My dauther loved history and geography! Imagine us as children loving History! My daughter would re attend a history class if she didn't understand something the first time! I was in awe. I never had to remind her nor be after her about hw. She would set her alarm herself and wakeup early, have her breakfast and be ready for class on time! That says a lot about the class and the wonderful teachers! Highly recommend this course to all 7 and 8 graders.



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