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Elementary Language Arts Grade 2-3
Reading Comprehension and Poetry
Elementary School Grade 2-5
The Story of the World ( The Middle Ages)
Middle School Grade 7/8
Earth Science
Elementary Grade 2/3
Life Science
Elementary Grade 5/6
Reading Comprehension & Poetry Part 2
Elementary Grade 4
Life Science
Math Middle School Grade 7/8
Pre Algebra Math Boot Camp
Middle School Grade 9 Prep
English Literature
Elementary Language Arts Grade 3-5
Indigenous Novel Study Part 2
Elementary & Middle School Grade 5/6
Physical Science
Middle School Language Arts
Novel Study and Debate
Elementary & Middle School
French Reading Comprehension
Middle School Social Studies Gr 6-8
Middle School Social Studies Grade 6-8
Human Geography
Elementary School (JK /SK )
Kindergarten Part 3
Math Elementary School 5/6
Math Boot Camp
Elementary/Middle School
French & Story of the World Part 3 ( Ancient Times)
Elementary & Middle School
Cooking & Baking

Spring Courses 2024

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