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Registration opens Mar 1st

Middle School

Apr 10, 2025 to Jun 19, 2025

CAD $135

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM EST

Teacher: Saman Ihsan

In this 11- week course students will:

  • Learn the appropriate terms for analyzing a poem: stanza, verses/lines

  • Identify literary devices used in the poem

  • Appreciate the significance of imagery in poetry

  • Compose a response on a given topic using APES strategy

  • Identify the tone and mood of a poem

**Please note we will be taking off the week of June 2nd - 6th

Refund Policy

If you choose to withdraw from the course, please see below:

March 20th:  90% refund

April 1st: 50% refund

After the first class:  50% credit or 25% refund

Muhammad Ali

In short stories, we learned how to identify different parts of a story and the themes in the story. I enjoyed reading the short stories and found them quite interesting. In novel studies, I enjoyed reading the books and afterward having debates about topics in the book. 

It was really fun when we did impromptu debates because we learned how to prepare a small speech on any topic in just a few minutes.


Poetry Grade 7/8

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